Pizza Classes

Pizza Class

Want to learn how to prepare the most authentic Italian pizza dough, cook bread from scratch and ciabattas or focaccias, bake any kind of calzoni and rolls stuffed with delicious Italian top-pings. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or already expert, we have classes for any level.

Upon your arrival at Biancobufala you will be met by your master pizzamaker. Your pizza making cooking class starts with the most important part: making the dough. After learning the art of dough making , the chef will tell you the difference between different styles of pizza throughout Italy and discuss the Neaples traditions - where pizza was invented.

Next up is a lesson in rolling out the pizza and creating a vast variety of pizzas complete with differ-ent delicious toppings: we pride on using only the freshest and best ingredients. After your pizzas are in a high temperature electric oven (which means it will be simple for you to recreate the pizza making in your own home!) you can relax for 3 minutes, before tasting the pizza delights you have created together for lunch!

Pizza Classes
Introduction - 1 day @119
You will learn how to prepare the authentic Neapolitan dough and all tips to be able to cook the best pizza for you and your friends
Full Learning - 3 days @ 209
After the course you will be able to distinguish between the different dough, use different ovens, and be able to stretch the dough like the most famous pizza maker
Experts - 2 weeks @ 999
You will be confident to prepare the pizza in any shape or oven. You will be able to apply as pizza assistant in any Italian restaurant in London

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